Elastic Media is now Blink

Elastic Media Relaunches as Blink to Offer First AI-Powered Mobile eSports Platform


Blink: Where Gamers Become Heroes


//JERUSALEM, Israel// 03-13-2018// Elastic Media, a leading media technology company, is excited to announce that today it is relaunching as Blink, a pioneering mobile-first eSports platform. Leveraging its cognitive core of artificial intelligence and deep learning, Blink will focus on the fast-growing, dynamic world of eSports where its technology will unlock the value of game-play video for all players. Blink will make eSports viewing as interactive and personalized as the games themselves in order to excite and unite gamers worldwide.


The new mobile platform builds on Elastic Media’s bank of proprietary artificial technology solutions, which it has been developing since 2015. Streaming solutions abound for professional gamers, yet the vast majority of the 2.1 billion eSports fans are missing out on sharing their biggest moments. Blink offers a mobile-first platform that’s custom built to dramatically increase interactivity between all eSports players and their favorite games.


“When we looked at eSports content, and specifically gameplay video, we discovered an exciting opportunity hidden in plain sight: these games were designed to play, not to watch,” CEO Ronen Shoval said. “But the enormous worldwide growth in video gaming has already demonstrated huge spectator appeal at the professional level.”


“Our aim is to make all gameplay video easy and fun to view. We are combining AI highlight detection with programmatic storytelling techniques to create incredibly engaging clips all in a unique mobile environment. Our technology is built from the ground up to offer a solution for the 95% of players who do not stream on a regular basis, but would love to share their achievements with their friends.”  


“Our platform instantly creates video gaming communities built around the fun of every player being able to promote their own “Top Ten” eSports video highlights (while trashing their competitors!).”


“We look forward to bringing Blink to the market.”


The 16-person team is comprised of experts in video streaming technology, eSports, and artificial intelligence protocols. They have raised USD $3 million in initial seed funding, and their technology earned them the Best Startup Award at NAB 2017.


For more information and to see the relaunch of Elastic Media as Blink visit www.blink.gg


About Blink: Blink is a leading eSports technology company, with offices in Israel and the United Kingdom. Its proprietary deep learning technologies automatically detects the defining moments of eSports game-play and effortlessly turns them into compelling stories, known as Blinks. Managed by a team of experienced tech professionals, and led by CEO and Founder Ronen Shoval, Blink offers a powerful mobile-first streaming experience to eSports players worldwide.


Learn more at www.blink.gg